It’s 2035 and it’s nearly the end of the world as we know it. While a lonely maintenance technician (“Oh, they still send humans up there for that kind of work?”) circles off into space – without Clooney’s vodka bottle – he has a grand view on Earth as it is about to explode. And there’s no Bruce Willis nor even an Aerosmith soundtrack to save it this time. But then again, is it worth saving? Hopelessly lost in a godless universe, people have turned to technology to fill the void. God never answered your prayers? Well, God 2.0 – some kind of holier than thou Alexa device – will answer them with concrete advice, a daily inspirational quote and a comment on whether the music you’re playing enhances spiritual growth. Girlfriend broke up with ya? Just stalk her invisibly with Shadow Me, an augmented reality cask for next-level pervs. Short on cash? Just sign up with Second Skin and literally sell your body. Some creep will be happy take over your body for a couple of hours. Rampant capitalism in its terminal stage… We’ve all seen the warning signs and we decided to ignore them so now it’s time to crash and burn. Director Agata Alexander has a background in video clips and it shows. The Apocalypse has rarely looked this beautiful! She was also able to catch a stellar cast – Thomas Jane, Garance Marillier (RAW, TITANE), Rupert Everett (CEMETERY MAN), Patrick Schwarzenegger (son of Conan)… – in her web of darkly comic, dystopian tales.

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