Miles Grissom has a shitload of phobias, but there’s one in particular
that never ceases to trigger his worst fears: the great void
after death. It tortures him so much that he decides to publish an
add in which he’s ready to offer 30.000 $ to anyone who can show
him an angel, a demon, a ghost, 72 virgins, Elvis Presley, Saint Peter’s
keyring, a unicorn on a rainbow… In short, anything at all, provided
it’s irrefutable proof of life after death. Obviously the add attracts
legions of frauds who are more interested in money than in spirituality.
But, out of all the true believers and the skeptics, the charlatans
and the hoaxers, Miles still manages to find three candidates who
have the merit of not sounding too ridiculous: a scientist, a medium
and a businessman who spent some time in Tibet. Three chances to
conquer his thanatophobia and accept that sometimes the light at
the end of the tunnel is just an oncoming train. But sometimes it’s
not and in that case Miles will be able to add phasmophobia to his
collection of fears.
In 2011, Jesse Holland and Andy Mitton convinced with Yellowbrickroad,
a small genre masterpiece that smashed a lot of eardrums at
the BIFFF. They have now left the woods of their debut feature for
a high-quality urban nightmare. With a lot of raw shivers and an
intelligent narrative, We Go On is the kind of film that proves that
creativity will survive in Trump’s America!

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