In a not so distant future, Frank Warren, an expert in electronic, is working on an evil plan that will allow him to steal priceless diamonds. By combining his knowledge with that of his old friend Sam and the expertise of his fiancée Noelle, he decides to carry out his idea. However, things do not go as planned. The robbery quickly becomes slaughter and Frank is severely wounded and left for dead by his two escaping accomplices. Sam, believing that he got rid of him, realizes that he rejoiced too quickly: Frank had the presence of mind of secretly stealing the diamonds. Although he survived his injuries, Frank must nevertheless pay for the crime of his accomplices on the run and is sent to an experimental jail: Wedlock. There are no bars, no walls and no guards in Wedlock, only special collars that the prisoners wear around the neck. Each one of them is linked to another by a system. However, they do not know the name of their respective counterpart and they have to make sure not to go more than 100 meters away from each other, or they will literally lose their head.

Lewis Teague made his debut as director under the supervision of Roger CORMAN, of whom he was the favorite student. Lewis TEAGUE is a B-movie specialist and was noticed by SPIELBERG just after the making of CUJO (Stephen KING’s novel). He releases shortly after THE JEWEL OF THE NILE, second part of ROMANCING THE STONE (with Michael DOUGLAS and Kathleen TURNER). He then directed CATS EYES, which is also an adaptation from KING’s short story. His latest film as director, WEDLOCK, has been compared to THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME, one of the wonders of the US fantastic cinema. For this futuristic action film, Teague worked with Rutger Hauer (LADYHAWKE, BLADE RUNNER, HITCHER, but also SPLIT SECOND and PAST MIDNIGHT, screened during the Festival in 1992) and Mimi Rogers (SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER ME, DESPERATE HOURS…).

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