TK is a hard-faced, disturbed young woman who brandishes a large gun. Her lover Allan has broken his parole just to be with her. The two teenagers break into the distinguished Strand family residence. According to statistics just another break in, but for the unexpected return of Mr. Kai Strand. Allan and TK panic. They jump from a second floor window and take off in Kai Strand’s Range Rover. High on drugs they race down the highway, but they are not alone in the car. Cecilie, the Strand’s 9-year-old daughter is in the back seat.
Weekend starts as a tense, edgy kidnap drama, but initial perceptions are soon completely confounded by later-stage plot developments. The impulsive act of the protagonists develops into a nerve shattering drama of life and death where the wrong move can prove fatal. With Weekend, director Erik Gustavson (The Telegrahists) has made an intriguing tale of fate and coincidences. Camilla Strom Henriksen gives a strong and sexy performance as the damaged and vengeful TK. Kim Kolstad stars as Allan, who pretty much does what TK tells him to.

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