Two male virgins, who are in no way notable or extraordinary, try to get out of social isolation by programming a dream creation… and execute it on their home computer. All the sizes, limps and curves from their dreams are combined into one single model who steps out of the computer. Kelly Le Brock, a gorgeous piece of female beauty who is here to nurture their sensual education.
John Hughes (The Breakfast Club) directed one big adolescent wink to the myth of the (female) monster of Frankenstein. Weird Science is a compelling comic illustration of the new trend in the fantastic film. It combines the appetizing laughter with the ominous special effects (implemented by Graig Reardon from Poltergeist, ET and Henry Miller who showed what he was capable of in 2010). Add the irresistible looks of Kelly Le Brock (The Woman in Red) to all of this and you have a film you can’t miss, under any circumstances.

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