For a few hundred million years, dinosaurs have been strolling across the Earth’s crust, unaware of the equally mastodon-like hype in the distant future. They are visited by the friendly Captain NewEyes in his time-ship. He feeds the beasts his special Brain-Boosting Muesli, whereupon the IQs of Rex, the tender tyrannosaur, Elsa, the flying Pterodactyl, Dweed, the peeled Hadrosaurus and Woog, the good-humoured Triceratops skyrocket. NewEyes suggests they follow him to the future, where millions of children are eager to meet them. They end up in New York, where they soon make friends with Louie, a street urchin, and Cecilia, a lonely rich kid. Our thunderous dinosaurs triumph on Broadway, which attracts the attention of Professor Screweyes, Captain NewEyes’ sneaky brother. He is willing to do “anything” to get the philosophical giants into his Eccentric Circus. Will Louie and Cecilia be able to save their new friends?

Following the success of Fievel Goes West, We’re Back is the second animated film from Amblin Entertainment, which was founded by Steven Spielberg after the success of Don Bluth’s The Land Before Time. Together with the duo Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall (Alive, Arachnophobia, Raiders of the Lost Ark), he signed on for the production. Screenwriter John Patrick Shanley (Moonstruck) adapted Hudson Talbott’s beloved children’s book for the screen. The voices are those of Walter Croncite (the legendary face of American television news) as Captain NewEyes, John Goodman (Raising Arizona, Barton Fink, King Ralph) as Rex, TV-host Jay Leno, Rhea Pearlman (Carla from Cheers) and many others. The music was composed by James Horner (Aliens, The Name of the Rose, Cocoon), who received an Oscar for An American Tail.

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