It was a bright idea at the time : a bunch of twentysomethings heads to an abandoned village in the vicinity of the Buenos Aires. It used to be a cozy vacation resort until it got submerged by flood waters and was completely abandoned. The youngsters want to shoot a documentary in the eerie ghost town, where one of them used to live as a young girl. But things quickly get out of hand when their van breaks down and they discover that they’re not exactly alone. A family of primitive sadists (the living embodiment of centuries of incest and inbreeding) have decided they want to have a bit of fun at their expense. Stashed away in their headquarters El Matadero (Spanish for “slaughterhouse”) sit all kinds of torture devices, which they can finally test on these first-rate laboratory rabbits. Before long the hip city-dwellers wonder why for fuck’s sake they didn’t stay at home. The Onetti Brothers are the new wonder boys of the Argentinian horror scene. And they keep everything in the family : screenwriting, directing, producing, editing, and composing. In Sonno profondo and Francesca they explored the giallo genre (honoring their Italian roots) and now they sink their teeth in slasher fare like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Hills Have Eyes. Among the actors, we recognize Argentinian scream queen Victoria Maurette and horror fave “El Chucho” Fernández. The saturated colors in delicious scope make the psycho killers’ debauchery even more succulent !

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