Jian-He, a shy introverted comic-strip artist, lives in a warehouse on an industry site. Despite that, he has a beautiful and sexy girlfriend, Ya-Shi, but she wants to keep her legs closed until marriage. And the probation period for Jian-He’s virginal sperm is becoming suspiciously long. His best friend Chen-Jun doesn’t have any problems in the relationship department, except that he only drops by when he needs to loan money for his amorous conquests. One day this leads to an argument during which Chen-Jun stumbles and his head gets impaled by one of Jian-He’s pencils. Instant death for his best mate. What now? Maybe his cute chat-buddy Mary will know what to do. But that is just the digital alias for serial-killer Jia-Ming. As a kid, he already murdered his father. Luckily his handsome looks help him to charm his way out of prison. Free again, he disguises himself as a policeman to continue the killing spree. And Jian-min knows exactly what to do with a dead body.

Together with director Remus Kam, Eric Cheng adapted his own cult comic-strip into a tasty and trashy killer comedy stuffed with funny visual gags and useful tips for aspiring serial-killers. A cynical look on contemporary dating culture, an homage to the creativity of the geek, a satire on celebrity culture and the fascination for bad guys… When Geek Meets Serial Killer has it all and made it to the number 3 spot in Taiwan’s box-office list last year.

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