20 years after the tragic death of his father Mateo, a famous sculptor, Jacobo, who has inherited his father’s artistic gifts, returns to his native town of Santiago to visit his mother, who is suffering from a mental disorder. He feels driven to continue the great work his father has left unfinished. Jacobo meets Claudia, who had been his father’s art dealer and develops a relationship with Maria, his childhood friend. But the tyrannical appearances of his father’s ghost, determined to ruin his son’s life even after death, push Jacobo towards a creative and existential nightmare that winds up uncovering hidden events.

Trece Campanadas is a tale of mystery and horror from director Xavier Villa Verde (Continental, Finisterre) and co-screenwriters Curro Royo and Juan Vicente Pozuelo. It’s the story of ordinary people visited by ghostly figures, who try to involve them in their enigmatic plans and schemes. Trece Campanadas is a chilling digression on memory, the weight of the past and family traditions. With Juan Diego Botto (Plenilunio, The Dancer Upstairs), Luis Tosar (Semana Santa, The Heart of the Warrior), Marta Etura (No Shame, Don Quijote) and Rosa Alvarez (The Midnight Bride, The Stone Rose).

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