Nothing seems to disturb the peaceful life of Jim and Hilda. Both retired, they enjoy some days without complications in their elegant cottage. A great tenderness unites this couple, who respects the traditions of England and of its institutions.
One day, they discover that the world is about to go on a nuclear war. Jim and Hilda do not really understand. They can think about the enemy breaking into their home or some tanks invading the city, but a nuclear war? Suddenly, their radio crackles: a call. There’s only three minutes left before the explosion. Jim is terrified and gets angry, while Hilde is hastening into the garden to take off the laundry…
Directed according to the comics of Raymond BRIGGS, this animation movie deals with a serious topic: the refusal to think about the real consequences of a nuclear explosion. Jim and Hilda are so naive it is almost exasperating, the picture is straight and flawless, but they are still keeping us on tenterhooks for more than an hour. They live small things; they intensify tiny details of their daily life. The character animation also clings to a triviality: Jim who raised eyebrows, supposing a doubt. In other sequences, the designers’ talent overflows and reaches its climax in the explosion scenes.
This impressive movie, out of which you barely survive, won the Annecy Cristal for a Feature Film in 1987. The music is from Roger WATERS and the soundtrack is sung by David BOWIE.

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