When you wish upon a Star

“I hate… I hate… I hate you all. I hate all those worthless comedians. I’m sick of their stupid jokes. You become popular a bit, you start making stupid movies and publish stupid books. I hate my useless therapist. Even though she knows I can’t be cured at all, she keeps trying to help me only to make a living. I hate my fuckin’ teacher, the one who fucks me. A hypocrite who only cares about himself. He just wants to have sex with kids. I hate the dumb college students who end up even dumber after their studies their parents paid for. If Wednesday from THE ADDAM’S FAMILY got away from her parents and the shackles of a PG-13 movie and went out into the world armed with a shovel and a saw, the results would look a lot like the rampage of Eve, a nihilistic Japanese schoolgirl. She hates everyone’s guts and if there’s one thing that’s going to spill, it’s guts! A doomsday grunge anthem (there’s even a Japanese Kurt Cobain!) for the lost generation.

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