The United Kingdom. Soon. Britain is in a civil war as the State battles rebel militia for power. A woman wakes up in a blindingly white cuboid room: the White Chamber. A voice from the outside demands information, but she claims to have none. To gain the answers he seeks, her captor utilises the gruesome functionality of the White Chamber as an instrument of torture. The temperature within the space shifts between the extremes; water, acid and even electricity fire out of the floor and ceiling. The woman’s mind, body and soul are pushed to their limit. The woman begins to talk to her captor… but is she just surviving or does she know more? The dystopian White Chamber is an elevated genre hybrid combining sci-fi, thriller, horror and drama elements, while taking Milgram’s controversial social psychology experiments to a new level. White Chamber is 25-year-old Paul Rashid’s second movie after Servants’ Quarters from 2016. As your damsel in distress, we give you no one other than Shauna Macdonald (The Descent, Howl, Nails) trapped in one of the most stressful contraptions ever.

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