Virginia and her daughter Rebeca are driving through the
pampas. They end up in the wrong place at the wrong
time. Rebeca is kidnapped and Virginia meets her maker when she
tries to catch up with the assailants. Luckily God gives Virginia the
right to remain on Earth one more day to save her daughter. But at
sunset, with or without Rebeca, it’s back to the grave. She doesn’t
want to loose a single minute of now infinitely precious time. With the
tenacity of a tiger mum, Virginia starts to track down what appears
to be a supernatural sect. What she discovers would probably have
chilled her blood if she was not already dead. And there’s only one
thing stronger than an occult sect : a mother of a kidnapped child
with nothing left to loose !
The violent and uncompromising script of the brothers Bogliano will
take you on a road where everything is allowed, but nothing is free.
White Coffin takes Argentinean genre cinema to a new level; where
gore is transcended by deeper reflection. Behind the camera, we
find Daniel de la Vega, to whom we already owe Necrophobia 3D.
He leaves the claustrophobic corridors of his previous film behind
for wide open spaces without redemption.

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