Due to inadequate use of anaesthetics, a young boy experiences “intra-operative awareness” during his own heart surgery, hearing every sound and movement of the procedure. From the scalpel slicing through his body and the surgical saw cutting through his ribcage, he remains completely aware. This experience leaves the little boy severely traumatized. As a result, the child ends up brutally murdering a young girl soon after the operation. He’s placed in a mental institution. Several psychiatrists are interested in his case and decide to use radical treatments in order to cure him. Through the use of hypnotism, they succeed in sealing the personality that was spawned from the incident. The boy is placed back into society. But 20 years later, a series of events brings his dark side back to the surface. Wide Awake is a Korean psycho thriller that will put you on the edge of your seat and then pull the rug right out from under your feet with its major twists and turns. Debuting director Gyu-man Lee has crafted a tightly wound medical chiller with an abundance of intrigue and a unique story. If you’re squeamish about knives and needles, you’re going to have to keep your eyes shut, as many scenes will test your stomach to the limits. With Myung-rim Kim ( Into The Mirror ), Tae-woo Kim ( Joint Security Area ), Yoo-suk Jung ( You Are My Sunshine ) and Yoo-mi Kim ( Phone ).

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