While on a humanitarian mission in Cambodia, doctor Soo-hyun learns that he only has a few months left to live. Inevitably, this new makes him want to assess his life, with its share of regrets, including the loss of the love of his life in an accident thirty years ago. When he saves the life of a kid, her grandfather is so grateful that he gives him a strange flask, containing 10 pills that will allow him to travel back in time. Having nothing more to lose, Soo-hyun swallow one of them and finds himself suddenly catapulted to the past, meeting a 30-years younger version of himself. Realizing that he is now able to change the course of his life, Soo-hyun brings his younger self up to speed of the terrible accident that awaits his beloved. But saving her will also cancel out the good things that have happened in his life and this will make him face an inconceivable enemy, none other than himself… Will you be there?, adapted from Guillaume Musso’s bestseller, is the new film by Hong Ji-young, a talented director whom we know from the Horror Stories anthology. With a pitch that will bring tears to a Hells Angel’s eye, this big production joins the wave of scifi feel-good movies at this year’s BIFFF. With a great performance by Kim Yun-seok (The Chaser, The Priests) as Soo-hyun.

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