Willard, a lonely and alienated young man, lives in a deteriorating old mansion. At work, he’s tormented by a sadistic boss and at home by his overbearing mother. When she complains about rats in their basement, he sets out to solve the problem. However, instead of killing the rats, he starts to befriend them. Willard enters a creepy psychopathic realm where the four-legged rodents become his social and emotional world. But these new friends have a dark sinister side, and when Willard uses them as instruments of vengeance, he soon finds out they have an evil plan of their own.

Willard, written by James Wong and directed by Glen Morgan, the creators of Final Destination, is a horror movie with genuine style, a witty screenplay and top-notch performances that walk the fine line between high camp and high drama. Crispin Glover (Wild at Heart, Nurse Betty) inhabits Willard’s skin as if it were his own. Jackie Burroughs (The Dead Zone, Careful) plays a wonderfully grotesque mother. R. Lee Ermey (Full Metal Jacket) is fittingly evil and mean as the boss and Laura Harring (Mulholland Drive) spices things up as Willard’s sexy co-worker.

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