Lisa and Sam were blissfully in love when a motorcycle accident left Sam paralyzed from the waist down, bitter and determined to shut out the woman who loves him. Steven Verdel, the couple’s friend and lawyer, has always carried a torch for Lisa. Taking advantage of the growing rift between the couple, he presents Lisa with a gift; an antique box, which she accidentally drops. The jolt releases the Stone of Secret Fire and awakes the Djinn, a demonic genie whose sole purpose is releasing his brethren from the depths of hell. Assuming Verdel’s identity, the Djinn sets about seducing three wishes from Lisa, destroying anyone who gets in his way. He easily grants the two wishes she unwittingly makes, but when it comes to the third wish, for Lisa to be able to love Verdel for “who he truly is”, the demon is thrown into a tailspin. Only Lisa can truly grant her own wish and the future of the Djinn’s race hangs in the balance.

“Wishmaster in love” would be a better title for this forth installment in the Wishmaster series. Director Chris Angel uses great effects and a strong story to deliver an engaging mixture of horror and romance, starring John Novak (Legends of the Fall) as the Djinn and Tara Spencer-Nairn (TV’s The Outer Limits and Poltergeist : The Legacy) as Lisa.

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