In a wholesome, God-fearing American town next to the Mexican border, a federal agent is searching for a Red Threat that has been signaled in the neighborhood. Scheming commies with a Stalin ‘stache again? Oh no, just a couple of cute redheads that happen to be… witches! Yes, a new 11th Amendment in the Constitution states that all acts of witchcraft are illegal, condemning those that practice it to be hunted down and imprisoned, or worse… Popular opinion on the matter hasn’t evolved much since MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL’s common folk (“Burn her!”), though the methods to detect and root out the evil have. The BWI (Bureau of Witchcraft Investigation) tie girls onto chairs and throw them into a swimming pool… to see which ones float. Claire, a teenage witch-basher at school, gleefully partakes in this widespread anti-magic hysteria, until one day she discovers that her mother has been hiding two redhead witches in their house. What is Clair to do? Stay silent or notify the local authorities? WITCH HUNT is a fierce attack on Trump’s America in which minority groups and just about anyone who doesn’t fit in its narrow definition of “normal” is hunted down. According to director Elle Callahan, “witchcraft” is just a label slapped onto all forms of vital female energy that frightens the men that rule our society and threatens the status quo… To which we say: throw down your chains, sisters, and rejoice in your magic powers!

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