Deep in the heart of the forest, a creature was born who more resembled a wolf than a human. The baby, cursed with a rare disease, was given to a wandering freak show. Now Tara Talbot is seventeen years old, misunderstood by the world and categorised as a freak of nature. She’s the star attraction of Harley Dune’s Travelling Freak Show. Billed as the Wolfgirl, she scares the crowds from town to town. Yet, all that Tara wants is to be a normal teenager. She finds a friend in nerdy Ryan Klein, whose mother has done extensive research on her disease. Dr. Klein has found a cure, although it has horrible side effects. Nevertheless, Tara takes a chance. She secretly starts to take doses of the serum, only to find out that it works, but not without consequences. The more human she appears on the outside, the more wolfish she becomes on the inside. We’ve encountered the freaks of Tod Browning’s cultclassic and we have seen the deranged members of the Jim Rose Side Show. Now, there’s Wolfgirl. The third film of Thom Fitzgerald (The Hanging Garden, Beefcake) was made with a dose of melancholy and a thirst for revenge. Although the story takes place in modern times, the scenery, costumes and photography give the movie a sort of old-world feel. Victoria Sanchez (The Minion, Dorian) tries to get rid of her outer wolf, only to discover her inner wolf as Tara Talbot. Tim Curry (The Rock Horror Picture Show, Charlie’s Angels) plays freakmaster Harly Dune and Lesley Ann Warren (The Limey, Delivering Milo) is Dr. Klein.

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