Yup, it’s already been 8 years since a mysterious virus turned the majority of the world’s population in blood-thirsty zombies in WYRMWOOD: ROAD OF THE DEAD. But as is often the case when catchy viruses spread around the globe, the new situation got old pretty fast. Take Rhys for example, the ex-commando who at the start of the pandemic still had to struggle to survive in the midst of those hordes of fiery flesh-eaters. Nowadays? He keeps zombies on his DIY cyberpunk farm as if they were meek little lambs, which ironically is exactly what he uses them for: to roast his lamb chops by means of their acid, inflammable breath. He has become jaded and cynical. During the day he roams the Australian savannas hunting rebels whom he can sell to the Surgeon, some kind of Aussie Dr. Mengele of the Apocalypse, who wants to use them as guinea-pigs in his search for a cure. Or might the intentions of the good doctor be less Nobel Prize-worthy? And hey, what has become of Brooke, the effortlessly cool and very undead killer dame who can telepathically control the zombies? Since his first Wyrmwood offering in 2014, Kiah Roache-Turner’s hand as a director has only grown steadier… and all the more squarely settled on the gearshift! At breakneck speed and without ever losing steam, we rip though the arid landscapes Mad Max-style looking for the last shreds of humanity. Spoiler: don’t count on it, but you can be sure it’s gonna be one hell of a ride!

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