Zombie-apocalypses are always stressful affairs. Just take the peaceful life of mechanic Barry, his lovely wife Annie and their cute daughter Meganne. Their idyllic existence is shattered when a gang of masked soldiers kidnaps auntie Brooke. They hand her over to a psychopathic scientist who submits her to all kinds of weird experiences while he’s dancing to some kitschy disco tunes.

Brother Barry has no choice but to face the zombie hordes to save her. On the way, he runs into some colorful characters that have also survived the end of times and don’t mind killing a few more undead. Their task is made a lot easier when Brooke herself shows up. She has managed to escape from the clutches of the mad doctor and now possesses a secret weapon. She’s able to communicate with zombies, which makes her a “zombie whisperer”. And that can come in handy in this highly entertaining midnight madness movie filled with insightful conversations with the undead.

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