Since her husband killed himself, police detective Eva no longer visits the crime scenes. She prefers studying them through pictures but even then, she discovers things that others fail to see. Looking into a number of apparent suicides that have been quickly filed away, she tracks down a serial killer who wages a guerrilla war against the establishment. Along with her colleague Peter, recently transferred from the countryside, she looks into the affair. In the meantime in a luxurious villa, a man trying to protect a little book containing incriminating information is willing to put his own physical safety on the line. Eva quickly connects the dots between the two cases but by doing so, she lifts the lid on Pandora’s box. Out pop all kinds of dirty deals from Hungary’s past and some characters with connections in high places are not exactly pleased… Károly Ujj Mészáros is the man who brought us LIZA THE FOX-FAIRY, the big winner at 2015’s BIFFF (7th Orbit and Audience Awards). In his eerie crime thriller X – THE EXPLOITED, he combines the narrative Nordic touch to great effect with a refined Eastern European aesthetic. In the leading part, he can count once more on Mónika Balsai (LIZA THE FOX-FAIRY, JUPITER’S MOON).

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