On a sunny afternoon, Sam plays with his son Tony on their farm. Suddenly they see a strange light in the sky. Unfortunately, it’s not an eclipse, but an alien spaceship looking for Earthlings to kidnap. Before his own eyes, Tony sees how his father is sucked into the vessel. Three years later, Sam returns to Earth. But he’s changed a bit, and that’s putting it mildly. Thanks to the aid of the young production company New Line (that went on to give us the likes of Nightmare on Elm Street and Lord of the Rings) Harry Bromley Davenport created a scifi horror gem that looked as if Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind would have been made by Troma. 25 years after Xtro terrorized the theaters, the restored version will teach young genre film aficionados that in daddy’s days they boldly went where horror today does not dare to thread.

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