Mary Holmes has a great life. She’s young, beautiful and lives in Los Angeles. She has a good job teaching at a private elementary school and four beautiful children. But things aren’t always what they seem. Mary has problems. She has a difficult time feeling things, and the fact that she eats twenty Vicodin a day doesn’t help. She sees a psychiatrist for the disconnected daydreams she keeps having, and her younger sister with Tourette syndrome hates her. When Mary loses her job for sleeping with one of the fathers of her pupils, she decides to go home. And that’s when the fun really starts. The dreams which seemed so random now start to take shape as we understand where she came from. From young and in love, drug dealing on the road, to her father’s slow painful dead, from questions of love and incest to her older sister’s descent to insanity, the secret that destroyed her entire family reveals itself on her journey back home. The films of Nick Cassavetes ( John Q, Alpha Dog ) do not seem to have much in common with the intimate drama’s of his legendary father. He co-wrote the script for Yellow together with his wife Heather Wahlquist, who also plays the part of Mary. Yellow is a feast for the eyes and the mind, with its sumptuous visuals, the politically incorrect themes, many memorable scenes and a stunning cast: Sienna Miller ( Stardust, G.I. Joe ), David Morse ( The Green Mile, Contact ), his mother Gena Rowlands, Ray Liotta ( Goodfellas ) and Melanie Griffith, who can also be seen at the BIFFF in Dark Tourist.

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