At first glance, a beautiful evening lies ahead with Barcelona in its springtime splendor. Tonight, Edu wants to introduce his girlfriend Marina to his best buds Rai and Viky. He’s a director, she’s an actress and they’re such a happy couple. But instead of an evening of booze and tapas, Edu has booked an escape room for four. Nothing like solving a few enigmas and puzzles together to create a bond! And you have to admit, it starts off well: Nazi vibes, a torture chamber with plenty of shiny objects, very convincing blood splatter and a smell that would even scare a forensic doctor. But little by little, the riddles become more and more personal, with information that only an overzealous agent of the KGB could know, including their most unspeakable secrets. And when a prosthesis turns out to be an actual, real severed head, our four friends regret they aren’t simply stuffing their faces on a terrace…
After having filled all the Catalan theaters with their now legendary play, Joel Joan and Hector Claramunt now present us with its film adaptation. The result is an enormous guilty pleasure! A black comedy that feeds off contemporary contradictions (political, gender, normative, inclusive, you name it). YOU LIE YOU DIE is a movie to be greedily consumed without moderation. Especially if you’re in a relationship yourself. And of course you have nothing to hide from each other….

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