After being dead for seventeen years, Beaufort Frankenstein’s coffin is being opened in his Transylvanian castle. Some anxious members of his family listen to the reading of his will. Seeing as Beaufort thought his son Victor had dishonored the family by creating a monster, he left his house to his great-grandson Frederic, a famous brain surgeon who lives in the US. Beaufort hopes that he will restore the dignity of the Frankensteins.
When arriving at the train station, Frederic is welcomed by Igor the hunchback and the gorgeous but fierce Inga. Once at the Frankenstein castle, Frederic meets with the horrible housekeeper, Frau Blucher…
“Young Frankenstein” is one of those few movies which asks fundamental questions over life and death. On which side—goddamn it—is Igor’s bump? By the way, does he really have one? And these googly eyes behind which he seems to be lagging, were they in the jar with the head when… Wait, was the head on his shoulders? “Young Frankenstein” is an hilarious movie that will make you laugh to tears.

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