Facelifts, boob jobs and… zombies! What more could you possibly ask for? Lars Damoiseaux, proficient in the short film format and now writer on the Netflix/Een series UNDERCOVER brings us a fresh Sam Raimi-esque fun and bloody gore fest. Think Kardashians meet a discounted Eastern European version of ER in 28 DAYS LATER. Sounds Yummy right? This playful spin on the zombie genre takes our beloved undead from Romero’s suburban shopping mall to today’s offshored cosmetic surgery industry. Pretty Alison (Maaike Neuville), her youth-obsessed mother (Annick Christiaens) and the awkward but supportive boyfriend (Bart Hollanders) go east on a quest for cheap breast reduction. But once arrived at their destination, things don’t quite go as planned… Right before the operation, the sleazy blond assistant (Benjamin Ramon) lures our male lead into the dark and oh-so quiet medics back room. An empty corridor, a screaming naked patient, sharp teeth… You know the drill, shit’s about to hit the fan! The two Belgian lovebirds and a superbly fleshed out supporting act (literally that is) must now fight their way through liposuctions, tongue-in-cheek mad scientist nonsense and of course… a zombie outbreak. If you feel nostalgic for good old gruesome action galore à la Troma: rejoice! YUMMY’s your jam!

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