Ryosuke has a bright future. He just opened a successful restaurant and hopes to tie the knot soon with his alluring girlfriend. But then his father declares he has pancreatic cancer and his betrothed vanishes without a trace. In his father’s belongings, he discovers a secret diary, which starts with an ominous sentence: “Without remorse, I take a life…” Ryosuke is completely spellbound and reads on, discovering that the document is actually the confession of someone he’s supposed to know quite well: his very own mother. Years ago, she disappeared just like his girlfriend and hasn’t been heard of since. The eerie murder mystery Yurigokoro is based on a 2011 Japanese bestseller. With 200 000 sold copies, author Mahokaru Numata joined the league of the big guys in literature land (Haruki Murakami and the like). Director Naoto Kumazawa (Vanished, Tokyo Noir) signs for the inevitable adaptation. Among the actors, we recognize some well-known faces of Japanese cinema: Ken’ichi Matsuyama (the Death Note franchise, Norwegian Wood) and Yuriko Yoshitaka (Robo-G, Gantz) among others.

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