Demons! In 1978’s Iran *cough*Axis of Evil*cough*! In a remote mountain village called Zalava! Za-la-va: ne’er there was a name more reeking of evil! It sounds like an unforgivable curse only the vilest of Slytherin wizards would throw around, though for all we know it might simply mean “ice cream” in the tongue of the natives. If so, Zalava is a flavor demons are particularly fond of, often picking young, innocent daughters to possess. The townfolk believe shooting the leg of a possessed victim will chase the bad spirit, but their aiming isn’t always accurate… with death as a result. Levelheaded young military officer Massoud, stationed at a near-by base, will no longer tolerate such barbaric acts of superstition and decides to bring an end to it. When at the request of the locals a travelling exorcist called Amardan – his business card reads “If there’s something strange in your neighborhood, who you gonna call?” – traps the latest demon in a glass jar, Moussad confiscates the jar and throws Amardan in jail for fraud. But come nightfall he lies awake in his bunk, starting to fear whatever is locked within the empty jar…

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