Good moooooooorning Taipei! Load up on coffee as a 108 hours bloody marathon is awaiting you! A nuclear cloud full of nasty particles has arrived from Japan ( tell me that it isn’t true!!? ) and decides to sow its small infectious seeds in a crowded neighborhood of the capital. So, final checks before the area transforms into Zombieland: – A neighborhood under quarantine, which closes like a wolf trap over the innocent? Check. – The local SWAT team obliged to cooperate with the local mafia to avoid being chewed down like chicken wings? Check. – A sexual pervert who takes advantage of this zombie onslaught to enlarge his slave collection? Check. Add to that a body count to make Rambo blush, dialogues flourishing with F-words and heavy artillery, and you have a accurate overview of the fiesta which awaits you. If last year’s Focus on Taiwan got you accustomed to poetic and minimalist cinema, this might come as a shock ! Joe Chien, director of the “Walking Dead for 28 days”, pours some very polished visual effects and dirty gore, well, not to say trashy gore, in this very first Taiwanese zombie film ! Among those who are soon going to be turned into minced meat, are Hsiang Rong, Yao Tai Bao and Yvonne.

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