At the end of the century, in a remote corner of the city, in an apartment building full of violence, we meet Jenny, a young model that has a knack for choosing the wrong friends. During one of her many parties, all hell breaks loose and everybody starts drowning in blood.

Yes, it’s true. Taiwanese director Joey Chien has a subscription to the BIFFF. After Zombie 108 (2013) and The Apostles (2014), he’s back with Zombie Fight Club. This is no horror homage to David Fincher’s cult classic Fight Club, but more something like The Raid meets Resident Evil meets Highschool of the Dead. Do not expect lots of dialogue and a complicated plot. Tons of gore, scantily clad zombies and meat mincers as weapons are Zombie Fight Club’s forte. If you’re into yummy contemporary B-movies, get ready for a feast of limbs and intestines, starring Michael Wong (Transformers: Age of Extinction), Philip Ng (New Police Story) and Terence Yin (Lara Croft 2). You couldn’t wish for a better club!

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