Is it still possible to find a university in the US which is safe, which can still welcome its pure youth without risking the guillotine blade of some mutilating or revengeful maniac?
That is the stressful question that we are tempted to ask when facing the annual growth of several movies with the same inspiration. Zombie High seems to offer the guarantee of this reassuring respectability. To all appearances! Because even though no ex burn victim wonders in the corridors with a machete in the hands when night comes, some doubtful practice, however, operate in the chemistry classes and the natural science labs. The teachers are quite old and think that, in exchange of the knowledge they share, young people should share a bit of their vitality and the ardour of their fresh blood…
For their movie, students of the University of Southern California (USC) had decided not to do things by half and managed to gain the interest of one of the biggest Hollywood producers, Eliott KASTNER (The Missouri Breaks, Angel Heart), who then gained the interest of the main star of Dune, Electric Dreams, Creator, Slam Dance: Virginia MADSEN… And what should have only been an end of study project turned out to be a worldwide movie: Zombie High.

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