A Monty Python-esque collection of shorts, animation, sketch comedy, instructional videos and more, Zombie TV showcases the natural evolution of zombies in the 21st century: no longer a frightening menace, but rather an annoying neighbor you realize you simply have to put up with. Zombie TV answers such natural questions as: in a world full of the undead, wouldn’t some of the surviving humans want to join the majority and become zombies themselves? Would becoming a zombie solve the emotional and relationship problems we all have as living, breathing human beings? Do zombies have their own idols? Would zombies worship a zombie god? Who would win in a fight: a cannibal, or a zombie? How did zombies evolve from walkers into runners? And the most burning question of all: how do zombies have sex? Now that the Sushi Typhoon wave has passed ( the breakneck pace of improbable madness just couldn’t last ), we feel like a junkie in need of a fix. Luckily once in a while the land of the rising sun still sends a new piece of cinematic insanity our way. This year’s portion of Mad in Japan is courtesy of two youngsters, Maelie Makuno and Naoya Tashiro ( of whom we’ll also show his short Naked Sister ) and splattermeister Yoshihiro Nishimura ( Tokyo Gore Police, Helldriver ), who also godfathered the project. You can expect lots of irreverent, tasteless folly and yes; superglue is a must in the “bedroom of the dead”!

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