1945, the Second World War has just finished. Soviet soldiers reach the Groß-Rosen concentration camp and set free the remaining prisoners. A group of orphans is transferred to a derelict mansion deep in the woods, where they’ll have to fend for themselves. Fear and death are all they’ve ever known. They’re still wearing their camp… Continue reading WEREWOLF


Your first day at a new school is never easy. Fifteen-year-old Mia is dying to be accepted by her new classmates and after a rough start she succeeds in becoming friends with Gianna and her teenage gang. But then her body starts changing, a painful process characterized by hallucinations and bizarre binge-eating spells. A visit… Continue reading BLUE MY MIND


Hank is at the end of his tether. Shipwrecked all alone on an island, he’s about to end it all. But just before he tightens the noose, the sea vomits a corpse onto the shore. Hank approaches his new companion, who constantly releases voluminous quantities of “methane” in the atmosphere. This gives him a brilliant… Continue reading SWISS ARMY MAN


The most evil bad guys in the world are no longer Lex Luthor or Dr Doom, but the high finance and high risk traders of Wall Street. They have the moral scruples of Satan and love to play with the hard earned money of your grandparents. One day the bubble bursts again and 14 billion… Continue reading TRADERS


Ever since she was twelve, Liza takes care of Martha, the demanding widow of Japan’s ambassador to Hungary. Lia feels trapped, but on her thirtieth birthday she’s allowed to go on a blind date in her favorite hamburger restaurant. During her absence, the ghost of Toni Tani, a Japanese pop idol from the seventies and… Continue reading LIZA THE FOX-FAIRY


Robert Nord looks like a disheveled, neglected office slave, but has a devious and quite brilliant mind. His basement is stuffed with analog sound equipment. Robert suffers from “sound allergy” and is looking for a remedy to cure his affliction. He thinks he has made a breakthrough when he discovers a frequency that could manipulate… Continue reading LFO


Sevilla, 1920. The famous matador Antonio Villalta is about to triumph again in the arena and smiles at his pregnant wife Carmen in the crowd. But this short moment is enough for the bull to pierce him with his horns and leave him lying more dead than alive. Antonio is rushed to the hospital. The… Continue reading BLANCANIEVES


15-year old Sumida’s only ambition is to lead a normal life. And that’s not something easy to aspire to in post-Fukushima Japan. His mother ran off with her lover, leaving Sumida alone in charge to run the family’s boat rental business. His alcoholic, gamblingaddicted father regularly passes by to steal money and to beat up… Continue reading HIMIZU


Marvin, a young man, moves into a unit of an old decrepit apartment building. He doesn’t really want to live there, but it’s his way of expressing his independence from his mother. Every night, he hears awful sounds of abuse emanating from his neighbour’s apartment. The noise turns out to be an abusive cop who… Continue reading THE ECHO