Tony is completely stuck in a mid-life existential crisis since his father died. He watches the world around him and notices a slight smell of the apocalypse. His fellow men seem to be bored stiff and pass the time by organizing nihilistic orgies or by metaphysically giving the same importance to questions like e.g.“Give me… Continue reading THE TEMPTATION OF ST TONY


A man without a name and only wearing a brightly coloured pyjama, wakes up in a white, empty room. He doesn’t know where he is, he doesn’t know how he got there neither how he can get out of the room. But the man will soon realize that the place functions according to its own… Continue reading SYMBOL


Why can’t life be as simple as a dream about winning the lottery or getting that promotion ? Unfortunately, most dreams have at least one point in common : they don’t come true. Jin, an artist, just has a nightmare about having a car accident on the way to his ex’s. Next thing you know,… Continue reading DREAM


Set in an undisclosed time and place, the inhabitants of “The City Without A Voice” have lost their voices to the sinister Mr. TV. Their lives are subjected to controlled television programming, accompanied by equally mind-numbing TV-dinners. However, this is not enough for Mr. TV. He also wants to control their thoughts. So he and… Continue reading THE AERIAL


House painter Guy Maddin arrives by rowboat at his childhood home of Black Notch Island, having come to repaint the family lighthouse at the request of his dying mother. But before Maddin can set his paint brush upon the lighthouse, he finds himself awash in a tide of turbulent, long-suppressed memories. As an adolescent, Guy… Continue reading BRAND UPON THE BRAIN!


The Haruna family live in a hilly region just outside Tokyo. Father Noburo commutes to his hypnosis practice in the city. His wife Yoshiko works at home on an animation project that she hopes will re-establish her after having raised two kids. They are teenage boy Hajime and Sachiko, his 6-year old, over-imaginative sister. Sachiko… Continue reading THE TASTE OF TEA