1944, on the desolate plains of the Lapland tundra. As World War II slowly draws to a close, a gold digger stumbles upon a 24-karat bonanza that will change his life. As he makes his way back to civilization, a convoy of defeated sons of the Third Reich cross his path in the oppoWebsite direction.… Continue reading SISU


In a dystopian Switzerland under the rule of a fascist dictator – and cheese industry tycoon – all lactose-intolerant compatriots are hunted down like animals and sentenced to death without further ado. Despite this reign of terror, in which opponents are tortured with burning fondue or by shoving entire bars of Toblerone down their throats,… Continue reading MAD HEIDI


The possible future perspectives of the son of a stationmaster: the praise of pure madness. I am six years old and I’m chasing a train. If I can catch it, I’ll be murdered by the time I’m fifty. If I don’t run fast enough I’ll fall out of a hospital window when I’m sixty. Grand… Continue reading E PERISCOLOSO SPORGERSI


Infinity, a giant spacecraft, is on its way to planet Alva 1. On board is Galaxina, a beautiful robot who navigates the ship. The crew is very diverse; Thor is a pilot and playboy who is hopelessly in love with Galaxina; Buzz is the youngest and not the sharpest tool in the shed; captain Butt… Continue reading GALAXINA