Barry Thomas (Jonathan Silverman) is having a bad day. He almost causes a car accident, gets laughed at at work, is barked at by his boss, and fails to open his soul to his great love, scientist Dr. Lisa Fredericks (Helen Slater). Barry works as a technician in the laboratory of Dr. Thadius Moxley (Martin Landeau).… Continue reading 12:01


Ash, the moron with a chainsaw replacing his right hand, has just been sent back to the medieval era because of a spell that went wrong. Knights in armor take him prisoner and bring him to King Arthur’s castle. Once there, Ash must fight a hairy and disgusting monster, which is nevertheless an expert in… Continue reading ARMY OF DARKNESS

Vicious Fun

A goofy horror film buff walks into a bar where a group therapy session for serial killers takes place. He tries to blend in, but it doesn’t take long before blood starts spilling! Imagine KILL BILL as a neon-drenched, mullet-wielding 80’s slasher and you get some vicious fun!