She’s young, she’s a kindergarten teacher, her name is Emily and she’s giving her all for her community. Tonight she’s going to her weekly discussion group for women, accompanied with a nice specimen of home-made pie. Once the customary greetings over with, she brings out her freshly baked delight, with right at its center a… Continue reading SOFT & QUIET


A small provincial village in the Spanish heartland. A sweltering heat. Flies circling around dried-up feces. Local youngsters kill their boredom with a cruelty that is as gratuitous as it is relentless. Their favorite victim? Sarah, an overweight girl who is the target of ridicule every day at her school. But one day, while doing… Continue reading PIGGY

Beyond The Infinite Two Minutes

BEYOND THE INFINITE TWO MINUTES is a delightfully light hearted Japanese flick about five innocent heartwarming friends who discover that they can travel two minutes into the future. And maybe more?


Day, an insecure and underpaid art director, has just finished filming an ad in a deserted Olympic pool. He’s charged with the cleaning and the emptying of the six-meter deep bath. Before beginning the heavy work, he wants to enjoy the silence and peacefulness while floating through the chlorine in the sun. Unthinking, he dozes… Continue reading THE POOL


A taxi driver with the face of a beaten-up dog drives through the streets of a desolate city, like he does every night. This time he picks up a businessman who’s having an argument with his wife. But when he drops him off at the hotel, lives will be changed forever. Whether we like it… Continue reading DHOGS

TUNNEL by Seong-Hun Kim

Lee Jung-soo is about to end his day and return to celebrate his daughter’s birthday. And he has every interest to be there on time, since it is he who brings the cake! Unfortunately for him, the government cut a few corners when it built an enormous tunnel under a huge mountain. And right when… Continue reading TUNNEL by Seong-Hun Kim


An absolute world première. And no, this is not a parody of the work of the Dardenne brothers.This is a very sensitive and socially engaged film a bout a zombie struggling to find his place in society and who’s only happy when he can ride on his bike.


World Premiere : Sarah and Julie go to the aunt of a friend to baby-sit. There is a storm raging and one of them tells a scary story…