Two years ago, to the day, Mia’s mother passed away. A horrible date for the teenager, who desperately needs to clear her head. For example, by doing something crazy. And hey, whaddayaknow, there’s an epic party coming up featuring not only enough booze to sedate a herd of buffaloes, but also a rather extraordinary object… Continue reading TALK TO ME


Despite endless warnings by scientists and BIFFF-ers alike, all pathetic attempts to save our planet have failed. Our ecosystem has collapsed and along with it, society’s structures. Many people perished, the powerful fled to walled-in, high-tech Citadels that artificially hold up an illusion of civilization. The rest of humanity linger like wild animals in a… Continue reading VESPER


A beautiful city, destroyed by a nuclear explosion. A man survives and wakes up, full of fear. It was just a dream, a nightmare, because this anxious man is no one other than the President of the U.S. To avoid this threatening dream become reality, he calls in the help of a young man who… Continue reading DREAMSCAPE


Andrei Beloutski, an etnographer from the university of Saint Petersburg, studies the folklore of the nordwest of the Russian Empire. In search of legends, he accidentally finds a ruined castle where strange events take place. The landlady visits the ruins every evening to hold a wake for the dead. She is the last of the… Continue reading THE SAVAGE HUNT OF KING STAKH