Adam, a neo-Nazi, gets off the bus one day in an idyllic Danish farming community. Among the rolling fields of corn, there’s a neat, white church. This house of God is the terrain of Ivan, the priest to whom the ex-con has been assigned for a spot of rehabilitation and re-education. Taciturn, sullen and aggressive,… Continue reading ADAM’S APPLES


Masuoka is a cameraman possessed by the craving to understand fear. When he films a man committing suicide in the metro, he returns to the scene to understand the dead man’s motives. Following his final gaze leads Masuoka to a door, an entry into a bizarre, cavernous underworld. He finds a beautiful woman chained to… Continue reading MAREBITO


Byung-gu looks like an ordinary young man. But what he thinks is another matter. He believes that all of Earth’s social ills are the result of alien interference from the Andromeda Galaxy. Unless he can meet the prince of Andromeda before a total lunar eclipse, planet Earth will be doomed. In order to get to… Continue reading SAVE THE GREEN PLANET!


Morgan Sullivan is an out of work accountant who is stuck in an unhappy life in the suburbs and a miserable marriage. Seeking an escape from this lacklustre existence, he joins the multinational corporation Digicorp to become a company spy. Adopting a new identity, he is sent to spy on various trade conventions where he… Continue reading CYPHER


A squad of British soldiers is sent out on manoeuvres into the wilds of Scotland. But what should have been a routine military exercise turns into a waking nightmare for Sergeant Harry Wells and his squad of 5 riflemen. Stumbling into the encampment of Captain Richard Ryan, on a top secret mission for the Special… Continue reading DOG SOLDIERS


lost soul. When he tries to kill himself, Hee-jin swims under Hyun-shik’s hut and stabs him in the leg, dislodging the gun from his mouth. The incident marks the beginning of their strange love affair. Fish hooks play an important role, literally and figuratively, in their paranoid games and increasing sense of attachment; as do… Continue reading THE ISLE


Five years ago, Claudia’s daughter was murdered. Just when she seemed to have started to recover, a telephone call shatters her existence : “Mummy, it’s me… come and get me”. Helped by Massera, an ex-policeman, and Quiroga, a journalist and expert in the supernatural, Claudia sets out on a desperate search for the terrifying truth… Continue reading THE NAMELESS


With disturbing synchronicity a couple of boys and girls die within the same hour. Tv reporter Reiko Asakawa smells a scoop. During her investigation, she finds a videotape that was seen by all the victims. The video contains an ominous message that anyone who will see the tape, will die within a week. Together with… Continue reading RING


Twenty-one-year-old Trent Burns mows lawns in the affluent Louisville suburb of Camelot Gardens. Each day he faces customers who “forget” how much they owe him, kids who taunt him as if it were their birth-right, and a security guard who treats him like trouble. But Trent needs the money, so he grits his teeth and… Continue reading LAWN DOGS