Taiwan in the near future. Middle-aged Zhang is an agitated man. For more than thirty years now, he has lived apart from his wife but he just can’t seem to leave her alone. On a night when she goes tango dancing with her new lover, he shows up unannounced and physically attacks them. After that,… Continue reading CITIES OF LAST THINGS


Every day, a mysterious man sits at the same table in a bar called, of all places, The Place… Let’s call him the Man. People come and go, but this gentleman has ten steady customers who visit him at regular intervals. Might he be a drug dealer? That’s highly unlikely in such a public place.… Continue reading THE PLACE


Some see dead people, others have visions, but Marty sees monsters all over the place. Small, big, hideous or stylish, they all seem to come straight out of a comic book to populate the universe of this teenager with an overactive imagination. At least they’re harmless. Not like those bullies who put geeky Marty through… Continue reading SAVING SALLY


Ansel Roth, a washed out fortysomething, gives a conference speech about sects and the ways in which they manipulate and indoctrinate their members. Once he was a renowned specialist and savior in need for desperate parents. Now he lives from one hotel voucher to another. After the speech, he’s approached by the parents of Claire,… Continue reading FAULTS


In the near future, crime is only a vague memory in Los Angeles. The cops don’t know what to do with their time. They’re so bored; they’re willing to do the craziest things to stay occupied. One of them is Duke, who delivers all kinds of services against payment in cash or blowjobs. He also… Continue reading WRONG COPS


Lukas is a scientist who works at the European experimental project that focuses on advanced ‘human neuron research’. The projects’ aim is to transfer neuron information from one human mind to another while enabling the recipient to share the same information the “host” individual is experiencing. When he’s inside the mind of the body of… Continue reading VANISHING WAVES

SHUFFLE by Kurt Kuenne

Lovell Milo doesn’t like to sleep. Not because he’s scared of the dark or because he twists and turns for hours before ending up in dreamland. It’s because he never knows when or where he’s going to wake up. Every time Milo opens his eyes, it’s at a different age and at a different day… Continue reading SHUFFLE by Kurt Kuenne


Five individuals with contrasting profiles compete for a position within “Matsuika”, a multinational corporation recently set up in Morocco. Following an interview with the CEO, they are advised to undertake a mysterious test in a secret location to determine who will hold the position. All five applicants accept and are led into a distressing bus… Continue reading MIRAGES