Helena was born in deep space on a colony vessel piloted by her parents. While she was still a kid, an oxygen leak drastically reduced their chances of survival. There wouldn’t be enough air to breathe to get all three of them to their destination. Her parents sacrificed themselves so that Helena would live. They… Continue reading ORBITER 9


The Spanish never shy away from a solid portion of baroque horror. No one less than Bifff regular Alex de la Iglesia (El Día de Bestia, Balada Triste) produced this intense tale about two sisters who share an apartment in 1950ties Madrid. It could be a cozy affair, but big sis Montse suffers from anxiety… Continue reading SHREW’S NEST


At eleven years old, Joe Norman is told by his dying father that he is the last survivor of a rebel group from the planet Zalaxon and he has to hide from the alien dictator Xalador. Joe believes his father and grows up to become a die-hard nerd working in a comic shop. He’s constantly… Continue reading EARTHBOUND


Benno is not at all like the Sandman from the Chordettes’ classical song ( Mr Sandman, bring me a dream… pom, pom, pom, pom ). He’s an egomaniac with a job at a stamp store that consists in ripping off clients who don’t realise the value of the collections they inherited from their deceased family… Continue reading THE SANDMAN


Three students have dug up a juicy one-of-akind subject for their final research project: the unexplained death of several bears in the Scandinavian Forests. To be honest, it beats a cheap documentary about the procreation of jellyfish in Iceland’s cold deep-sea. They quickly realize that poaching is not the answer, unless you use a silent… Continue reading TROLL HUNTER