At dawn in the Australian outback, two men in flashy orange overalls arrive by bike. They quickly sneak into an empty house. An ordinary robbery? Well, think again. The two men, Jeff and Terry, are brothers. Their mother is dying of cancer and intends to change her will so the house, the land, and the… Continue reading BROTHERS’ NEST


It’s a man’s world, but it would be nothing without a woman. Apply that to Seoul’s criminal underworld and never a truer word was spoken. A crime syndicate specializes in blackmailing prominent citizens by secretly taping their sexual affairs. Platinum blonde Hyun-Jung is the gang’s factotum. She not only advises the big boss but if… Continue reading A SPECIAL LADY


1978, an abandoned warehouse in Boston. Justine plays matchmaker for a juicy weapons deal. One one side there’s Chris and his friends of the IRA with a briefcase full of dead presidents. On the other side there’s Vernon, the weapon dealer, nervously guarding crates of Kalashnikov’s, while they had explicitly ordered M16’s. The tension is… Continue reading FREE FIRE


A wireless alarm system costs between 50 and 900 Euro ; a door code can be as much as 200 Euro ; a steel security door might cost up to 5000 Euro. It’s expensive, but 80 % of breaking and entering takes place through the front door. A 500,000 volt taser could be found for… Continue reading KIDNAPPED