Baz is one of Britain’s new breed of police, a cycle cop. Although he appears to be a figure of fun, a freak accident will turn him into a psychopath. As riots break out in London, a head injury changes Baz from an everyday police officer into a mad vigilante, offering no-hope criminals a stark… Continue reading MAY I KILL U ?


Those who thought that everything ended in 1945 with a shot in a bunker under the ruins of Berlin, are in for a nasty surprise. The secret space program of the Nazi’s really existed ! The evil bastards fled to the dark city of the moon, where they quickly started to multiply and come up… Continue reading IRON SKY


Do you feel as if the grim reaper might put its bony hand on your shoulder at any time ? Do you have a well-stuffed bank account and a tremendous will to live ? Welcome to Menzana, a corporation that has turned death into an illness and sells the remedy at a very high price.… Continue reading TRANSFER

THE DOOR by Anno Saul

An idyllic summer day. In stead of catching butterflies with his daughter Leonie, egocentric artist David crosses the street for some afternoon sex with his mistress. When he returns, he finds the lifeless body of Leonie floating in the pool. Five years later on a cold winter night. David, only a shadow of his former… Continue reading THE DOOR by Anno Saul


A title like this is supposed to make us sweat, but as we are somewhere up North, we may assume that we’re talking about… cold sweat. The sauna is situated in a remote village somewhere between Russia and Finland. The year is 1595, just after a war between the two countries. The Finnish brothers Knut… Continue reading SAUNA


As the suburbs of Paris burn again due to the election triumph of an extreme right-wing party, a group of youths use the chaos as a cover for smash-and-grab robberies. For Yasmina, the money is an escape from the slums she has known all her life. With the police on their tail, her gang splits… Continue reading FRONTIERE(S)


It‘s graduation day for Nina and her friends. They have passed their final high school exams and head off to celebrate. That night, they all receive an identical text message : “ In 3 days… you’re dead ! ” At first, they think it’s a sick practical joke. But no one is laughing anymore when… Continue reading DEAD IN 3 DAYS


In a society tyrannized by time, only dreams will be able to save us !


Adam, a neo-Nazi, gets off the bus one day in an idyllic Danish farming community. Among the rolling fields of corn, there’s a neat, white church. This house of God is the terrain of Ivan, the priest to whom the ex-con has been assigned for a spot of rehabilitation and re-education. Taciturn, sullen and aggressive,… Continue reading ADAM’S APPLES

DOLL N° 639

A story that takes place in a future that could be the past.