A stormy night. Acting on a disturbing piece of information, the police are led to a gruesome scene : the bloody corpse of a woman and, by its side, a little girl in a state of shock. Young psychiatrist Beatriz Varga starts to work at a remote but prestigious sanatorium that specialises in hypnosis. There… Continue reading HYPNOS


With two fabulous tickets to tonight’s ball in his hands, the solitary Mr Phelps needs to find the perfect head to please his charming date. Will he risk it all for love?


On the night of 24 December, Frank Harrington drives his wife and their children to their parents-in-law to celebrate Christmas. But for the first time in twenty years, he decides to take a shortcut, without realising that he‘s making the biggest mistake in his life. A mysterious woman in white comes out of the forest,… Continue reading DEAD END

TAG 26

26 days after the catastrophe. Two survivors are looking for others. They fall without gas.


The story of a man who makes photocopies of himself, until they fill up the entire world !


Four years ago Nacho, a young promising avantgarde artist, went missing. Neither his family nor his best friends could provide any clue as to his whereabouts or to the circumstances of his disappearance, but everything pointed to him being dead. Nacho was enormously talented. He had his own painting style, deeply influenced by the universe… Continue reading THE ART OF DYING


A mysterious stranger is admitted to a Copenhagen hospital. He dies from what appears to be symptoms of the Ebola virus. Soren, an ambitious junior doctor, has suspicions about what could be a world-wide epidemic. Senior staff ignores them. Determined to follow his instinct, he traces the man’s origin to Romania, where a boy was… Continue reading POSSESSED


Steven Grlscz is a man who seems to have everything – handsome, successful, witty and generous – he effortlessly seduces women and wins their trust. But this is a very lonely and desperate pursuit. He literally can not live without a woman’s love. When the body of his latest conquest, Maria Vaughn, is found at… Continue reading THE WISDOM OF CROCODILES


Twenty-one-year-old Trent Burns mows lawns in the affluent Louisville suburb of Camelot Gardens. Each day he faces customers who “forget” how much they owe him, kids who taunt him as if it were their birth-right, and a security guard who treats him like trouble. But Trent needs the money, so he grits his teeth and… Continue reading LAWN DOGS