The first scene of SUMMER SCARS feels like a vague childhood memory slowly bubbling up again. A memory of a bright, red-hot summer day you spent romping around with your brother. Except these two brothers, Tony and Noé, did not grow up in a suburb with white picket fences but in the rough, savage landscape… Continue reading SUMMER SCARS


Iris is a night guard at a big sports club in Montevideo Bay and the cliché of the single mother struggling to make ends meet. Sure, she likes to drink and smoke some weed from time to time, but who are we to judge? Once a week she also takes her daughter Renata to work… Continue reading VIRUS-32


The world lies in ruin. Everything is destroyed or nearly destroyed. The wind and the storm torment the fragments of life that are left. A loner survives on the last floor of a high rise that’s almost consumed by sand. There, patiently and seated at a gigantic desk he prepares his departure. Behind the horizon,… Continue reading THE LAST BATTLE


Caleb, a young farmer, falls in love with a strange girl, Mae, who loves going on hikes at night. She introduces Caleb to her “family”, some young lunatic folks who wonder at night, but hibernate during the day. Caleb does not take too much time to realise that her “family” is composed of vampires only.… Continue reading NEAR DARK


Somewhere outside of time, in a desert land. A railway line and a tiny train station. Just like Robinson on his island, the pointsman is spending his time hunting down rats. One day, on the brink of winter, a woman gets off the train here by mistake. The train leaves and is only coming back… Continue reading DE WISSELWACHTER