You only have to take one look at the electronic toy in your pocket and you’ll realize: those South Koreans have a way with technology! The same goes for Kyung-min, a young woman living by herself (spoiler alert, sorry guys!) in a hypermodern, secured apartment. Coming home one fine day, she notices that someone has… Continue reading DOOR LOCK


It’s a well-known fact that fathers can be quite defensive when a daughter presents her new boyfriend. But what if the father recognizes his own killer instinct in the guy ? Byeong-soo is a veterinarian who for 15 years has been suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Since then he has given up his hobby: getting rid… Continue reading MEMOIR OF A MURDERER


Chained to his wheelchair, Joaquin leads a solitary life in a huge house in Buenos Aries. He has a dying dog and lots of debts. We don’t have to mention that Joaquin isn’t exactly a very cheerful guy. This doesn’t stop the delicious stripper Berta from wanting to rent the upper floor of Joaquin’s house… Continue reading AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL


A loudmouth of the FSB, the Russian secret police, Natasha just got a giant surprise served to her: two of her coworkers tell her it’s a miracle she is the only one still alive after crossing the path of the Photographer, a fierce muscovite serial killer. Where? When? How? What she will learn will sent… Continue reading PHOTOGRAPHER


It’s 1980. Spain has just emerged from the Franco dictatorship and is adapting to democracy. Two cops, veteran detective Pedro and the idealist Juan are sent from Madrid to a small town in the Andalusian swamps, where two teenage girls have gone missing. It soon becomes clear that the town is still living in the… Continue reading LA ISLA MINIMA


As the raging monsoon lashes Mumbai, the police force struggles to keep up with the gangsters who are more than ever emboldened. Adi, a principled rookie cop who has just joined the force finds himself enrolled in the Mumbai police’s antiextortion unit, which is led by Khan, a cop shaped in the ‘Dirty Harry’ mould.… Continue reading MONSOON SHOOTOUT