Black Loves

A duel behind closed doors in the form of verbal jousting that pays tribute to the Film Noir, with a good touch of Belgian-style absurdity.


A young man meets a young woman, he wants to become a director, she wants to be an actress. As they start rehearsing, the director wants to push his actress to the point of no return, where reality is close to fiction… World premiere!


Jay feels numb and emotionless, out of place in society. A strange presence in his flat starts chasing him. It becomes his executioner; opening the way to freedom.


Hannah is 10 years and a deaf mute, but one day, she hears a sound while walking in the park. From then on, she is convinced that the park wants to communicate something to her !


A world première! Doctor Gilles is questioned by the police about what happened in a hotel a few hours ago, when the receptionist asked him to treat an abused woman.


A world première ! Beautiful chemistry student Esther comes home and is brutally attacked by a clown. That brings a youth trauma back to the surface… with fatal consequences !