Evan Rendell, from the small town of Moorehigh, has always dreamt of being a doctor like his esteemed father, but when this respectable practitioner finds out that his beloved wife suffers from an incurable heart disease, he falls completely into madness. To save her, Evan’s father does not hesitate to carry out daring attempts of… Continue reading DR. GIGGLES


Clive BARKER is not an ordinary guy. Not only he is the director of HELLRAISER and NIGHTBREED, two of the most impressive and innovative horror films of the last few years, but also the author of several novels and short stories that surpass by far most of the contemporary fantastic literature. Besides, he is also… Continue reading CLIVE BARKER: THE ART OF HORROR


Charles Dexter Ward, a wealthy scholar from New England, is obsessed by the work of one of his ancestors, Joseph Curwen, a 17th-century alchemist. Lately, Ward seems to have been affected by a curious silence and his behavior is extremely disturbing. He spends days locked up in Curwen’s old farm that he transformed into a… Continue reading THE RESURRECTED


Dr. Harrisson Harrison, a young and talented geneticist, works on a revolutionary medical treatment which could shake up the modern conception of medicine and raise its creator to the rank of benefactor of the humanity. This magic formula allows nothing less than proceeding an organ transplantation without surgery (by stimulating the regeneration of cellular tissues).… Continue reading SEVERED TIES


Locked up by themselves in a fallout shelter, two four-year-olds escape the disaster of World War III (a thermo-bacterio-nuclear war, that is). For a while, their universe will only consist of documents stored in the shelter: a collection of detective movies and music from the ’40s. Living this way for fifteen years leaves marks: they wear… Continue reading RADIOACTIVE DREAMS


Somewhere outside of time, in a desert land. A railway line and a tiny train station. Just like Robinson on his island, the pointsman is spending his time hunting down rats. One day, on the brink of winter, a woman gets off the train here by mistake. The train leaves and is only coming back… Continue reading DE WISSELWACHTER