A drinking party. A tenacious makeup. A scouring sponge. When violence and fear take over reason, it leaves marks.

CDD: Corpus Crisis

Two young students are desparate to work. To do so, they are hired by a local kingpin as “cleaners”, but nothing is going to go down as expected !


An old theatre is about to be demolished. A construction worker enters the crumbling building for a final check. In his search, he finds himself in the face of the theatre’s core.


A forest. Two teenagers. Heavy breathing.

Julia by Vincent Smitz

Julie, a pretty young woman, receives an antique mirror for her birthday. She realizes that something living inside the mirror is trying to take hold of its beautiful reflection…

The Little Demon

Two fathers struggle to find a way to cohabit with their possessed daughter.

The Memory Shop

An elderly lady enters The Memory Shop in 2036 to relive a memory of her now demented husband through advanced technology.


A groom, seduced by a young woman to return to her apartment, gets more than he bargained for when he meets Mutti, her housemate.

The Disturbers

Two people on a date are being disturbed by an unusual enemy.


A bankrupt funeral director is ready to do anything to overcome the financial crisis of which she is a victim. A non-pornographic neo-pre-avant-garde film.

Louise & Louis

Louis is a young, introverted man with a stammer. He lives in a theater where he works as a stage manager, a lonely recluse. The theater’s new set designer, Louise is about to invade his space and will push him to gradually open up to her and reveal the universe hiding deep inside him.


Bob is sent to a remote area to repair a radio transmission antenna. Once on site, he is surprised to discover that it is connected to a building site by a mysterious cable…


Two years ago, Mathilde lost her two year old daughter Mia. Every day, she visits her grave and plays with Mia’s favorite toys. One day, she meets Monsieur Isidore which will forever change her routine.


Facelifts, boob jobs and… zombies! What more could you possibly ask for? Lars Damoiseaux, proficient in the short film format and now writer on the Netflix/Een series UNDERCOVER brings us a fresh Sam Raimi-esque fun and bloody gore fest. Think Kardashians meet a discounted Eastern European version of ER in 28 DAYS LATER. Sounds Yummy… Continue reading Yummy